Interesting Bet Broncos vs Patriots

During last nights game one of the Monday night crew observed that Belichick is willing to do whatever it takes to shut down what your team likes to do even if it means allowing you whatever that costs him.  If true, that strikes me as an interesting bet on the behavior of his opponents.  What it suggests is that he thinks that his opponents have such a high need to go with what they are most comfortable with that it will not only turn up in their play calling but that by committing everything to thwart it, he can create an advantage.  By concentrating on stopping that aspect he makes the other team succeed in a way that feels awkward or counter to what they want to be doing and failing at what they are most comfortable with. Wrong footing them as I’ve heard it from cricket players.  It also presumes the other team won’t just take what he is giving and hammer away at it.  This is speculative but at least one data point in favor of it is the game last night. It would seem that Belichick was okay with giving the Broncos the run game if it meant he could (mostly) shut down their favored pass style offense.  Maybe this is just too simple to be the case.


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