“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”

You are in an important conversation. The person on the other side is critical to you. You are paying attention. You hear every word they are saying. You are processing at a high rate and throwing every resource available at the situation.

And what they are saying simply isn’t making any sense. They may as well be speaking another language. You know the conversation is going poorly. It is clear that they believe that their point is so simple that not understanding isn’t possible. And 20 minutes later you’ve lost something that was important to you. The deal is off the table. The sure thing is now a memory.

Analyzing the situation after the fact you realize that you were never really communicating with each other. What was obvious to them was hopelessly complicated to you and your attempts to better clarify what didn’t make sense to you seemed like lack of comprehension to them.

You were both operating within your own frameworks but neither of you could see that there was no overlap between the frameworks. And so an opportunity is missed.

Have you had this happen to you?

1 comment
  1. cgoeson said:

    Yes, anyone in a sales job has had it happen. You’re sure of your position, you know you have a solution, and somehow you’re unable to communicate it to the customer in a way that they comprehend. Wildly frustrating.

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