Brand success, brand failure

Recently I flew Virgin America cross country. I was in the last row of the plane with a noisy kid in the row immediately in front of me. Across the aisle from me is a guy that is even taller than me. The flight attendant (I am assuming the crew chief) relocates him to the only available seat forward which also by the way allows the family with young child more space in that row. She then stopped by me and asked what she could do to make things better. I talked with her later about it, because I was interested in the policy, and she gave a brand perfect response. She indicated that they were encouraged to go for wow factor and that she knew that the situation I was in sucked. She said they almost always got backing to try to make things better in these situations. Talk about hitting all the right brand and customer notes. While she couldn’t make the yammering kid go away,she was able to at least somewhat counteract the negatives of the experience. It made a difference to me. (By the way mom and grandma, when your kid disturbs the last 10 rows of a plane for the whole flight including kicking the seats in front of her and banging on the tray table when she isn’t relentlessly whining and clearly knows you aren’t going to do anything to stop her – there is a circle in hell reserved for you)

On the other end of the spectrum, I had a call today on my cell from an 800 number, that purported to be my carrier AT&T Wireless. The automated caller requested the last four of my social to ‘avoid disruption of service’. I immediately hung up and about an hour later had time to call AT&T Wireless. The guys I spoke to looked at my account and said there was nothing that would have caused a message like that. When I gave him the number he indicated they’d been receiving a lot of complaints about that number and would I like it blocked. The CSR informed me that it was a real shame that these guys were out there doing this and damaging their name. Really AT&T Wireless? You’re a carrier and yet it seems like an okay idea to let other customers get calls that may violate security and we need to ask you to block those even after customers complain? And your big worry is damage to your name?
Following that I inquired about my data usage and he indicated I should use their app. Okay, so I download the app, dick with getting a new password, and the app apparently isn’t operational or at least isn’t operational ‘right now’ whatever that means.


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